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03-16-2011, 06:24 AM
So i wanna get my players rating 99 so i can join a good crew.. whats the fastest way to earn skill points? im overall 54 right now. do you get skill points for crew games? i see alot off overall 99 ppl in my player pick up is that what i should do?

Mav fan13
03-19-2011, 10:24 PM
Play longer quarter lengths, at least 9 minute quarters is good for at least 2000+ Skill Points per game, depending on how you play each game. I play 10 minute quarters and usually get around 2200+ Skill Points every game. Getting good stats in games will help, along with team mate grade and overall performance.

03-19-2011, 11:20 PM
Here's a few tips, I've said this like 50 times on this forum already... and I picked up a few of these tips from the thread on this forum to help My Player out...

This is what I do...

Play 12 Minute Quarters - A bummer for some to play that long, but I normally get an A+ pretty quick, and did even at lower levels ( I fought for rebounds to help increase this ). If you don't want to play the 40 minutes your guy gets a game, try to go for steals all the time when your teammate rating is high. I have a 99 steal, so I can get a few steals before I eventually have to be benched for foul trouble. I normally only play 18-25 minutes a game due to foul trouble, but I get 40 points 8 boards, 5+ assists, 3+ steals etc. and finish with all my goals completed.

If you want a super high overall rating just so it looks better, dump ALLLLLLLLLL your points into Off and Def awareness right away. You can get like an 88 overall rating for 1 of them right away with the 10k skill points you get. It will dramatically increase your overall rating.

Whether your a guard or a big man, working on w/e shot in your players range will boost your overall as well. Thus, do only shooting drills. You'll increase 1 of 4 diff categories and have 400 points if you get gold to dump elsewhere. I got my shot close, inside, 3pt, mid range and shot off the dribble maxed right away because of this, my offense was off the charts.

Another way to get a high rating is to dump a ton of points into steals, blocks and perimeter D. As a guard I got capped at like 50 block, but my steals got up to 95 and my perimeter D can get to that point as well.

I've noticed something else as well, when you do your press conferences, make the right choices, but off the bat, do a lot of loyalty choices so your team chemistry goes up. By doing that you can call for the ball almost at will wherever you are on the court without getting excessive call for pass, or call for bad pass negations to your player, thus allowing you to shoot more, and perhaps get + points to your Good Shot Selections.

Pick a team that has a good deal of KEY GAME matchups early in the season, you can do this by simply looking at the team you want to play for. Say your a Clipper fan like myself, look at their schedule, their 2 KEY game matchups are the Lakers and the Warriors, you'll also get KEY GAME matchups by playing against superstars at your position ( I always get Miami and Sacramento - Evans and Wade ).

If you play a key game, and you don't like what your challenges are ( IE getting 14 combined layups or dunks, 7 steals etc ) once you get in the game, QUIT the game do not sim to the end, and go back to the main myplayer menu and restart the game yet again until you see something you can easily do, like score a ton of points, take a bunch of jumpers, dish out like 5 assists etc. This will get you 200 points per challenge in your key matchup, successfully completing all of them give you 600 for all 3 challenges, and if you hit an A+ rating you get 1800 points ( 900 for GREAT team play x2 ). I normally end up with 4500-5000 points per key matchup.

AIM FOR MILESTONES DURING KEY MATCHUPS! I've gotten like 31,000 points in 1 game by hitting milestones at key matchups. I try to limit my guy to certain things when I see a key game coming up. So say your shooting for the 500 points in a career milestone, and your close to getting your first triple double or something else, simulate the games until you see a key matchup, you won't get the milestone even if your player has like 700 points at the time of the game, it will go off once you enter the game. You can sim by quitting the game and simulating to the end.

If your a guard, the 3pt milestones are money for bonus points. I hit 540 3pters in my first year playing in like 70 games. I did this by only shooting 3pt shots during my shooting drills, and I equipped the +4 3pt shoes.

Also, be sure to increase your durability to at least an 80, I've gotten injured multiple times on the same guy and other guys I created because I was sitting at like 70 durability or less, I got hit with BS injuries that cost me 10+ games.

An easy way to get a ton of assists, is to just start launching up shots and scoring a crap ton of points right away, you'll get double teamed as soon as you venture inside the 3pt line, try to run to the corner by the baseline, draw a double team and have your PF or C that usually rotates there run towards the hoop, they do this on their own usually... Make a quick pass and they will usually jam it home. This is how I manage to get my normal assist total of 5 or so a game, that and I toss alley oops to Blake Griffin all day.

It sucks and its hard to get a ton of points right away because you have to crack the starting rotation to really get good minutes, and your overall shooting is just piss poor terrible off the bat, this is nothing to really worry about. If your a guard or a SF, your shot off the dribble and mid range shot are the top 2 things you need to focus on right away as thats how and where you will get most of your scoring done.

Don't worry so much about playing D. You'll notice the plays that get called and you'll know where the pass is going, I tend to play in between the PG and my guarding assignment so he doesn't get the ball thrown to him, if it does I tip it away or steal it. This helps because the pass gets launched inside the paint or to someone else that can't shoot well, and I can play close to the rim to grab boards.

Be sure you increase your vertical as well, if your a guard this will greatly increase the chance you snag rebounds which is something that you will feed off of to get the A+ rating you want off the bat.